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This website Is Made for IELTS students. on This Website, Interested Students Get a Lot of Material Related to Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. in the Reading Module  Students Get Reading Sample Tests for Academic and General Tests. Along with This They Also Get Some Important Tips and Tricks Related to Reading Which Help Them to Improve Their Reading. Apart from That in the Writing Module, They Get a Number of Writing Task  1 and Writing Task 2 for Both Academic as Well as General Students. Moreover, You Can Also Improve Your Listening with The Help of Audio Related to the Listening Test. Last but Not Least We Also Provide the Latest Cue Card Topic on This Website to Improve Your Band Score in Speaking. On This Website You Find how To Use idioms and Phrases in Writing as Well as How to Use Connector. We Also Deal in Mock Tests Which We Upload Weekly Mock Tests on Our Website and Interested Students Can Participate in This Weekly Test and Achieve a Good Band Score.


in the speaking module, you can find latest cue card topic which are updated time to time. these websites help average students to improve their speaking with regular practice with us .speaking is divided into 3 parts first is the introductory part in which the examiner asks you a few questions related to a general topic such as your name, your accommodation, your hobby, favourite song, movie, food and so on. on the other hand 2nd part is cue card topic. In this part, the examiner give you a topic to speak about. you have 1 min to prepare and after that you have to speak for 1 to 2 min. The last part is the follow-up question. This question is related to cue cards. main purpose of this test is only to check your eligibility to speak English. 


you improve your writing module with the practice of writing task which are provided on this website. You can find important strategy related to writing. writing module is different for academic and general.in academics you have 2 tasks first is task 1 in which you have to answer 150 words at least. task 1 includes pie charts, tables, diagrams, and line graphs. on the other hand in general tests students write a letter in task 1. but task 2 is slimmer for both academic and general tests. in task 2 you have to write 250 words at least .task 2 includes an agree and disagree topic, your opinion topic, the advantages and disadvantages topic, and problem and solutions topic main motto of this test is only to know about writing skills.


students who are weak in reading modules get practice tests with answers and improve their reading. we also provide some tips related to reading. In reading you have to answer the questions after reading the passages which are given to you. In the academic reading module, students get 3 reading passages. after reading 3 passages students have to answer 40 questions. students have 1 hour to solve the answers. so the best trick is that students spend not more than 20 min on one passage. if you do not complete the passage within 20 min then leave and move. this test only checks your speed of reading and your understanding after reading the passage.


our website IELTSData provides you latest and updated listening tests with audio .with the help of this you can improve your listening. Listening tests are the same for academic and GT students. in this module, you have to answer 40 questions after listening to the audio File. this test is divided into 4 sections. In the first section, you have to answer 1 to 10 questions. In the first section, most people talk with each other and we have to listen carefully to their talk and answer the questions. In the 2nd section 2 to 3-person talk, and the 3rd section is related to project work or seminar, In the last section, there is a group talk or confession. main purpose of this test is only to check your listening ability.

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