Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a long walk you ever had

  • When does this happen?
  • Where do you walk?
  • Who you were with?
  • And explain how you felt about this walk?

Sample Answer of Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

Walking and running are my daily routine in the morning. Because I think that who the person is daily work and running they stay fit in their life. It is essential for all of us. Here I would like to talk about a long walk which I did in the selection of police constable because, in this selection, they want a physical fit candidate. I vividly remember that it was 2018 when the police selection is begun, and I started my running training with my friend, who is also in the police department. He gave me the necessary instruction, and I followed all the instructions he gave me. Before the running, the first step is a long walk because before the running, for warm-up, the stretching is essential for everyone. We both walked to babehali Stadium, which is very famous in my area. On that day, I took an approximate 4 km long walk I had done with my friend. That time I enjoyed it, but after stop walk, I felt a little bit tired; moreover, I learnt important things like how to swim our arms during the walk and the benefits of walking. After that, it makes my daily routine. So, this was a long walk, which I had done with my friend during the time of police selection.

Follow-ups of Describe a Long Walk You Ever Had

Question1. What outdoor activities do people like?

Answer- People mostly like indoor activities like playing badminton, swimming, yoga exercise. In my country, most people are doing yoga right now because yoga gives us a huge amount of benefits in our inner organs as well as our whole body.

Question2. What are the differences between the outdoor activities children did in the past and now?

Answer- There is a big difference between children’s indoor activities before and now because a few years ago children. Interest in Indoor activities like badminton, swimming, chess, and other games, but now the Interest of children indoor games decreased because they all are busy with smartphones and laptops.

Question3. Is leisure important to everyone? why?

Answer- Yes, of course, free time is essential for everyone because, at this time, we relax our minds and do other activities for refreshment like indoor activities and listening to music. As a result, we feel stressed less, so I think it is necessary for all.

Question4. Do women have more leisure than men?

Answer- Of course, not because women work a lot as compared to men because men only work outside the home, but women are working at home as well as out of the house.

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