Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit: Recent Speaking Test

Describe an activity you do to keep fit. You should say:

  • What the activity is?
  • When and where do you usually do it?
  • How do you do it?
  • Explain why it can keep you fit.

Sample Answer of Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit

Fitness is a major part of today’s world for everyone, and I can proudly say that I do a lot of hard work for my fitness and to achieve my fitness goals Because nowadays, everyone is stressed and have a hectic life schedule.

So I think everyone should follow a fitness lifestyle to maintain a proper healthy lifestyle as you know, health is wealth, and for me, fitness is very important. I do a lot of activities like cycling in the morning and going to the gym in the evenings.

However, my personal favourite is going to the gym in the evening because it gives me a proper healthy lifestyle. Then I really love to do that in the evenings from 5 to 7 PM, and I will work out on a daily basis.

I do it on my own because I cannot rely on anyone’s shoulder, so I go to the gym in the evening. It gives me a lot of energy, and I have a refreshing day. also, I can have my proper food.

So that I can maintain a healthy lifestyle, I eat a lot of healthy food, and I think the help of cycling and the gym, and also healthy food, this activity make me fit and help to achieve my fitness goals.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Activity You Do to Keep Fit

Question 1:- What do old people in your country do to keep fit?

Answer – In my country, old people do Yoga because it is a very calm and composed exercise for everyone, and old people can do it easier to maintain their fitness and concentrate on their minds. So old people, Yoga is the best option.

Question 2:- What kinds of sports are popular in India?

Answer – In India, the national sport is hockey, but everyone loves cricket is a very popular sport in India, and everyone wants to become a cricketer. Every third person in India places or watches cricket because it is a very popular sports car, so there is a league in India that happens every year in April month, which is called the Indian premier league. Everyone can watch and entertain themselves.

Question 3:- Do you think young people should play dangerous sports?

Answer – Well, I think young people can play dangerous sports because they can learn that sport very easily and also handle their injuries but make sure they have to play safely. After all, it can cost a life.

Question 4:- What else people can do to keep fit besides sports?

Answer – To be in shape, people can do Yoga and begin running and walking. There are many options, and if they don’t play sports like old people used to do Yoga, they join dance classes, and this is a very good and efficient option to become fit in life.

Question 5:- What can parents do to make their children like sports?

Answer – Parents can watch sports with their children on TV and tell them about and give them proper knowledge also to encourage children to go outside and play outdoor sports as you know there are a lot of games video games or available in the market children can become addicted to that, so parents have to take a step and send them outside to play the original support for their health and as well their mind.

Question 6:- Why obesity is on an incline?

Answer – There is a lot of reason for causes of obesity, and I think the main reason for that is children buy junk food. They are fond of burgers, pizza and ice cream. They love to purchase chips and chocolates, and their parents are working. They do not have too much time to cook food for children in the morning, so they give money to the children so toddlers can purchase according to their cravings. Everyone knows their cravings for burgers, pizza and all types of junk food, and this is why they are inclined to incline in obesity.

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