Describe an Occasion when You Received Good Service from A Company or Shop

Describe an occasion when you received good service from a company or shop

  • What company or business it was and what this company does,
  • What the service was and who helped you,
  • Where you receive this good service,
  • Why do you think it was good service

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion when You Received Good Service from A Company or Shop

Few months ago, I ordered hand block fabrics directly from a manufacturer in Rajasthan. He offered me a very good price as compared to other sellers. But when I received the product, I was slightly unhappy because of the colour of the fabric. I informed him the same and requested a refund which he agreed immediately. But I was surprised when I saw the refunded amount, he even paid the dispatch charges which I paid to ship the product to him. Though it was a small amount, I feel providing this type of service must be a little difficult for these artisans.

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Question 1. What jobs require staff to get in touch with many people?

Answer – I think sales and marketing jobs require this ability so that they can complete their sales target. Apart from this customer service people also require this, I of my friends is in the sales department. She has a very good database of people contact no.

Question 2. What qualities does the staff need? Why?

Answer – Well, this depends upon their job but the most common qualities which every one should have is honesty, loyalty, punctuality, friendly, ability to work in a team, leadership. These attributes make them perfect professionals.

Question 3. What’s the difference between services in big shops and small shops.

Answer – There are few differences between these. In big shops they have larger collections, high price, multi options available, quality service whereas in small shops we get limited products, rates are reasonable, options are not available. We may get quality service here also.

Question 4. What should people do when they get bad service?

Answer – In my opinion people must complain about it so that they do not repeat it again. Or with anyone. These days social media is being used a lot for complaints related to bad service. There is a separate department in big companies to handle complaints coming from social media. Any type of complaint must be addressed at the same time so that it can get corrected without any delay.

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