In Some Parts of The World, Traditional Festivals and Celebrations Have Disappeared or Are Disappearing

In Some Parts of The World, Traditional Festivals and Celebrations Have Disappeared or Are Disappearing. What Problems Is This Causing? What Measures Could Be Taken to Counter This Situation?

In a few regions of the world, traditional events and functions are vanishing due to fading out of culture and customs with the advancement of technology. There are some specific measures to alleviate the problem.

The improvement in technologies and more advanced lifestyles resulted in neglecting the customs and beliefs of ancient people. Our ancestors believe that there is a story behind every festival, Which has benefits. Traditional events are not followed properly in this modern world, providing a poor lifestyle. For example, bull taming is an event that is celebrated every year during Pongal, where multiple participants take turns hanging over the bull’s hump and stopping it. It is believed that the bull which is won is used for breeding and produces good quality milk; however, for the past six years, bull taming did not take place because of the government law against it. People did not realise the importance of what was said by our ancestors. Without bull taming, the quality of milk has been hampered.

There are ways to alleviate the problem. To begin with, we have to provide education to the future generation about customs and their importance. In addition, young fellows must be encouraged to participate in traditional events to remember them and enhance their lifestyle.

In conclusion, although there is development in technology With modern lifestyle, specific traditional events should be conducted without fail in remembrance of our ancestors, and for the benefits it offers. Proper education about the event’s importance and participation improves the outcome.

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