“prevention Is Better Than Cure”. Out of Country’s Budget

“Prevention is better than cure.” Out of the country’s budget, a large proportion should be diverted from treatment to spending on health education and preventative measures. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

People are not interested in being vulnerable to any sort of disease, thereby always try to prevent the sickness. A faction of the population holds the notion that was allocating money on health education and preventative measures rather than spending on treatment. This essay is in accordance with the given statement as there are manifold reasons to substantiate it.

In this unhealthy lifestyle world, allocating money for health education and preventative measures arguably have greater importance than disbursing money on treatment. Conducting health awareness classes among the populace plays a crucial role in making them fit. Health education would become aware the masses about the consequences of having fast food. Thereby, they could improve the unhealthy life standard if people would become vulnerable to various diseases that affect the financial stability of a family. The preventative measures would eventually increase the lifespan of people and the productivity of a nation as a whole because lifestyle diseases would become prevalent among the public of the nation regardless of age and gender.

In addition, allocating time for health education would improve the knowledge of healthy lifestyle among people as making a healthy nation. Some families are struggling with some sort of disease which might be the cause of their sedentary lifestyle, and those people definitely need an awareness class. Thereby, the happiness would be back home. Preventative measures like sports and exercise would improve physical as well as mental health. The government should be taken some necessary actions to make a nation healthy and safe. Although the government proposes some measures, the people should follow the instructions which are mentioned in the circular.

In short, health education and preventative measures should improve the life standard of a human. The awareness campaign and exercise are the prudent ways to improve the health and thereby the people can limit a certain amount of diseases and hospitalization.

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