Schools Are No Longer Needed Because Children Can Find so Much Information

Schools are no longer needed because children can find so much information on the internet and study at home. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this essay?

It is argued that formal substitutes are no more essential for juveniles as they can get abundant information on the internet and educate themselves while sitting at home. I completely disagree with the statement because personal touch cannot be obtained from technology as well as harmonious development is impossible in the absence of schools.

First off, pupils can enhance their knowledge and get an instant reply just at one click; however, unfortunately, they cannot get the personal touch that a teacher can give to motivate learners. For Instance, when students participate in any activity or competition on the internet and win, they undoubtedly get applause in the form of a signal that is less inspiring than patting on their back by their mentors. So, here, the internet gets fail in encouraging their learners.

Moreover, the overall development of children is possible only in schools. They not only enhance their cognitive skills but also are conative and effective as well. To exemplify it, they become outspoken while interacting with their peer groups and participating in sports and other school activities, making them robust mentally and physically. Moreover, they develop feelings of brotherhood and learn to co-operate with others in educational institutes. Thus school play an indispensable role in developing them fully.

To conclude, thus, formal institutes play a vital role in upgrading the personality of nippers. Their holistic development is possible only in schools. Besides, they get inspiration from their pedagogue in their academic programmes as well as in their personal life, which is unattainable by scrolling on the internet.

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