September 2019 to December 2019 cue cards with answers

Dear Students,

here we are providing you an upcoming list of speaking cue cards for September to December 2019. These cue cards are a prediction for those students who are going to appear in IELTS exam.

With the help of the predicted cue cards of the speaking module, learners can do practice for their exam. Also, through it, they can perform better and gain good band scores in IELTS exam.

Speaking module is one of the modules of IELTS. Some students feel unconfident during their speaking test in IELTS exam. They practice good of each part of IELTS speaking test such as introductive questions, cue card and follow up questions.

But unfortunately, they feel nervous during their speaking exam. But through these cue cards, you can perform better in the exam and gain good marks.

Here is the list of cue cards:-

  1. Describe a person who has interesting ideas or opinions.
  2. Describe a foreign celebrity you want to meet in person.
  3. Describe a person who made you laugh happily as a child.
  4. Describe a person who encouraged you to achieve a goal.
  5. Describe a band or singer you like.
  6. Describe a person who helps others in his/her spare time.
  7. Describe a person who speaks a foreign language well.
  8. Describe a couple who has a happy marriage.
  9. Describe a family member who made you proud.
  10. Describe a person who often travels by plane.
  11. Describe a creative person.
  12. Describe a leader you admire.
  13. Describe a person who solves a problem in a clever way.
  14. Describe an interesting neighbor.
  15. Describe a famous athlete.

  16. Describe a historical building you’ve visited

  17. Describe a park/ garden you like.
  18. Describe a polluted place you know.
  19. Describe a country you’d like to work in for a short time.
  20. Describe a shop that just opened in your city.
  21. Describe a place where people listen to music.
  22. Describe a place near water that you enjoyed visiting.
  23. Describe a sports stadium that is important in your city.
  24. Talk about a child did that made you laugh.
  25. Describe a time you got up early.
  26. Describe a meal you invited others to have at your home or restaurant.
  27. Describe a time you solved a problem online.
  28. Describe a time you heard someone you didn’t know to talk on the phone in a public place.
  29. Describe a time you got incorrect information.
  30. Describe an unusual vacation you had.

  31. Describe a regular thing you do every day.

  32. Describe a vehicle you were traveling in broke down.
  33. Describe a time you visited a place with friends.
  34. Describe an event or festival you celebrated before.
  35. Describe a special day when you went out and didn’t spend a lot of money.
  36. Describe a time you moved to a new school or home.
  37. Describe a time when you were scared by something or someone.
  38. Describe a time when you were not allowed to use a mobile phone.
  39. Describe a time you had to use imagination.
  40. Describe a time when the weather changed your plan.
  41. Describe a mistake you once made.
  42. Describe a wedding you attended.
  43. Describe an exciting experience you had that was not expensive.
  44. Describe an advertisement you remember well.
  45. Describe a piece of clothing you like.
  46. Describe something special you took home from a tourist destination.
  47. Describe a prize you want to win.
  48. Describe a practical skill you learn.
  49. Describe a quiz or game show on TV or online.
  50. Describe a time you gave someone advice.
  51. Describe a water sport you want to try in the future.
  52. Describe a foreign food you ate before.
  53. Describe a program or app on your computer or phone.
  54. Describe an important invention that has changed our lives.

  55. Describe something free you received before, like a meal or gift…

  56. Describe a piece of art, like a statue or sculpture.
  57. Describe a method that helps you save money.
  58. Describe a toy you received when you were a child.
  59. Describe a sports event/ game you watched before.
  60. Describe an interesting tradition in your country.
  61. Describe a time you got close to a wild animal.
  62. Describe a well-paid job you think you are good at.
  63. Describe an important letter you received.

September 2019 to December 2019 cue cards with answers

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