Some People Say Patriotism Causes Problems and Are Negative Overall

Some People Say Patriotism Causes Problems and Are Negative Overall. Others feel that It Is Beneficial for Society at Large. Do the Advantages of Patriotism Outweigh Its Disadvantages?

Patriotism is one passion, pride and attachment and loyalty toward their nation. Some people consider patriotism beneficial for the country, while others believe it is dangerous for society. I think the advantage of patriotism outweighs the disadvantages.

On the one hand, there are some benefits of patriotism to society. First, individuals work hard for their own country to make a name and fame by contributing to their field through their actions and ideas to the community. For example, in 2022, Indian player  Neeraj Chopra threw weapons for more than 90 Meters in the world athletic championship, which not only broke the world record but also earned a gold medal, which made parents proud and also made whole Indian citizens proud internationally. Some people made a lot of effort to protect the citizens through their work. For example, during covid 19, doctors and nurses came forward to preserve country citizens after knowing that covid infection can kill anyone if any symptoms are noticed.

On the other side, patriotism has a terrible impact on employment. Local individuals want to own employee religion and the exact language speaker for job tasks instead of giving other people due to having blind trust and national love.

In conclusion, patriotic people are ready to give their lives for their own country, like doctors and nurses and make their own country proud through their work., while patriots have a lousy impact on employment due to blind trust own society people.

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