Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning for The Future

Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals.

A part of society reckons that living a joyful present is more predominant than planning for the upcoming times. I disagree with the statement to a greater extent, and the reason behind my view will be discussed in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To commence with the advantageous aspects of planning for the upcoming times. The prominent factor is people might face a medical emergency, and for such situations, they should start saving money; for instance, if a person got into an accident and they are severely injured, at that time, they would require a large sum of money for treatment. Hence, saving money for the unpredictable future is a significant factor.

Secondly, a nation cannot develop without planning for the forthcoming times. A government always plan for the future and begin to take actions in the current times in order to achieve their goals; for example, in Delhi, the chief minister has planned to mitigate air pollution by 2050, and the regime has started taking measures to limit it by the decided time, they have planted trees and installed air purifiers around the city to control air pollution. Therefore, a ministry can only improve the quality of living and grow the economy with an objective to attain.

However, few individuals consider enjoying the current times. Primarily, senior citizens who are aged over 68 may not want to plan anything for upcoming times because they have already devoted the majority of their lives working for their family, and older people should utilize their last moments with their loved ones. As a result, elders should prefer to stay at home after retirement rather than investing time and money in other things.

To conclude, it is true that people should have a joyful current time with their family and cronies still, the crucial factors for planning for the upcoming phase cannot be overlooked.

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