Talk About a Part of a City or a Town You Enjoy Spending Time

Talk about a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time

  • where it is, what it is like,
  • what do you do there,
  • why you enjoy spending time there

Sample Answer of Talk About a Part of a City or a Town You Enjoy Spending Time

Travelling is always a new adventure for me, and I really love to travel in different cities because I have a very hectic schedule at work and when it comes to travel, i” ll go first because of travelling I can relax and calm from my daily life routine. As I am going describe the My favourite city which Is Delhi.

Delhi is located on the north side of India also Delhi is the capital of India; it’s a very busy city, and I love to live the nightlife of Delhi. Delhi is like a second home for me because almost all my relatives are live in Delhi, and I went to Delhi last month with my friend. We went through by car it was a three day trip for us, and my friend’s cousin lived there, so we went and met him after a long time. We really enjoy our trip we go to parties and clubs at night, and in the morning we explore the city. I loved spending time there because it was one of my favourite places with my favourite people. We have a blast out there. That is why I love spending there.

Follow-ups of Talk About a Part of a City or a Town You Enjoy Spending Time

Question 1:- How do public places change in towns or cities?

Answer:- Public places have changed a lot in the last ten years. I am living in Amritsar, and in Amritsar, there is famous public and tourist place which is called Golden temple, and from last ten, there are many changes at the golden temple new road has been developed and new statues and many new shop people go with there family and friend and spend a really good time.

Question 2:- What public places do old people usually go to?

Answer:- Old people prefer to go to temples, parks and museums because they think they can relax there spend a good time.

Question 3:- Why do young people like to go to public places?

Answer:- Young people spend time with friends and family at public places, so that is why they go there like last Sunday I wen golden temple with my friends we spend a really good time there we eat new dishes and take blessings to form the god.

Question 4:- Will more people move to cities in the future?

Answer:- Yes, I think people are now moving to the city rather than the urban areas because the city provides them with many new types of facilities like nearby shops, restaurants and hospitals, so that is why they move to the cities.

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