The Governments Should Give Each Citizen a Basic Income so That They Have Enough Money to Live On

The governments should give each citizen a basic income so that they have enough money to live on, even if they are unemployed. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The issue at hand is about whether the government should pay each citizen a basic income irrespective of the fact that they are not working. I vehemently agree with this development, and I hold this view because it would improve people’s standard of living, decrease the level of dependency and also reduce the rate of unemployment.

To begin with, if every citizen receives a monthly payment from the government, it will improve people’s standard of living. Everyone would have money to spend and take care of their needs. Feeding, clothing and other basic needs of life would be taken care of at ease. A good example is the United States of America which pays its citizen monthly. This has improved the standard of living in the United States as no one lives in abject poverty in the state. More to this is that it reduces the level of dependency. Children and senior citizens sorely depend on employed people to execute their fundamental needs. However, if they receive monthly social security payments from the government, the burden of feeding and other basic needs would be relieved from the working-class people. Therefore no one would depend on another for their basic needs.

To be fair, the government paying its citizens may also encourage laziness as citizens may not be willing to work after all. At the end of the month, they would get paid. However, it could reduce the rate of unemployment. Youngsters who are very innovative and creative would save from their social security and start up a business or even sponsor themselves in school; according to my uncle who lives in Canada, a twenty-year-old girl whose passion has been to own an ice cream shop saved up from her basic monthly income Canadian government pays her to open an ice cream outlet in November 2021.

In conclusion, I opine that government should pay a basic income to its citizens as this would help citizens live better and decrease the rate of unemployment in the country.

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