Today’s schools should teach their students how to survive financially

Today’s schools should teach their students how to survive financially in the world today. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

The standards of education in India have become so high now. If you go three decade’s back, when I was made to go to school, I was five years old. But that is not the case now. Children have been forced to go to school when they are 3 years are even less. This results in less understanding of the purpose of education. Also, our immune system will start developing only by the age of five. Since they have been forced to school so early, they have been exposed to many infections.

Why do we end up in this situation? Parents are very much concerned about students future. Every parent wants their child to be an outstanding performer in the competitive exams. They want their kids to become financially well and have a respectful social status. Certainly, they end up with school, which making the student-run for money.

The schools started teaching the students as “ Life is race , Run , Run, Run”.I strongly agree that schools literally make children learn only for their cognitive development, which will help them become financially well. For example, all the students have been forced to sit for special classes in the evening after school to get 90 % and above in their +12 board exams. But do really all the students need 90% of marks? Some may be really interested in fashion designing, and some may be interested in painting. Why can’t these children be encouraged in the field in which they are interested? Rather than being forced to study the subjects, to get the marks.

Also, as per my opinion, the marking or grading system should be completely taken off. And from the high school itself, students should be allowed to take the subjects as per their wish, and they should be allowed to design their career as per their dream. This would surely change the intentions of the ward’s parents and also the intention of the schools.

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