Your Friend Is Considering Taking the Same Course as You at University

Your friend is considering taking the same course as you at university. He/she has asked for your advice on studying this subject.
Write a letter to your friend. In your letter

Describe in detail the course you took at the university
Explain why you recommend the university
Give some tips on how to apply

Dear Aarav,


I hope this letter finds you in radiant health and the greatest of spirits. I understand that you are planning to join Ontario university for your post-graduation studies, and let me tell you, and it may be the right decision you made in your life. As a student, I am familiar with end to end activities of the university and my departmental procedures, that is management department. So, do not be afraid of anything, and I will be here for your support.

The management department had enormous facilities and an international course curriculum as we are following. The faculties and mentors were highly qualified and had years of experience in relevant fields, and they were from different parts of the world. These advantages will help you to understand their skills and increase your knowledge.

Ontario Universities have high recognition globally and a high ratio of success rate in the overall universities in Canada. Certificates had great gratitude in the market, and students had a high demand for the same—moreover, we received several management and financial institutional awards for the past years.

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The application procedures are straightforward, and you can find the details on the website. All the college and course details they posted on the website, and once you enrol for the course, the college administration will support you for the next level of procedures. Furthermore, they had an office in Delhi, and it had a 24/7 facility for inquiry.

I believe you got an idea about college and waiting to hear from you.

Yours lovingly,

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