Your Neighbour Keeps Animals in Your Garden

Your neighbour keeps animals in your garden because of which you and your family are facing problems; Write a letter

  • Explain problems
  • Suggest a solution
  • If nothing improves, then what will be the consequences

Dear Satheesh,

I am writing this letter regarding my family members’ issues due to your domestic creatures roaming around our garden. As you may be aware, we have been residents of our current location for the last two decades, and still, we did not face such incidents before. Moreover, we consider our fellow neighbours our family members, and we expect the same consideration.

Let me explain the issues more widely because the problems faced by our family members are becoming worse each and every day. The animals ruined our garden almost completely. They eat imported plants and pearl grass which we kept very securely. Furthermore, these animal’s hairs create certain allergic issues for my parents and children.

As a solution, keep these animals in their cage very safely. Apart from these, consult with a veterinary doctor as soon as possible. In the present scenario, it is mandatory to keep up with date our pet or domestic animal’s health records appropriately. Otherwise, these also affect your own family members.

It is very difficult to explain that, if you are not able to follow my suggestions, the consequences become much more difficult. I already prepared the petitions for the health and animal protections departments to mention these issues. They will cease your animals and file a case against you in court. It is my responsibility to continue a friendly neighbourhood without any problems.

I hope you understand the seriousness of the issues and look forward to your action.

Yours sincerely,

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