A Country’s Future Depends on Its Young People

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A Country's Future Depends on Its Young People

A Country’s Future Depends on Its Young People. Therefore a Country Should Invest Heavily in Its Youth. Do You Agree or Disagree with This Statement?

The youth of a nation plays a critical role in a country’s future. Thus, the manner in which young people are raised is intrinsically tied to the capabilities of new generations of workers. It is agreed that a country should invest considerably in its youth. This will be shown by analyzing how such a practice can lead a nation to international competitiveness and how it can lead people to more charitable lives Firstly, a state’s ability to compete in the modern world is only as strong as its citizens’ minds.

Take the Japanese education system as an example. Despite the crippling effects of the Second World War, Japan’s focus on education and the nurturing of academia played a part in leading the country to become the second-largest economy in the world. This would never have been possible had the country not invested in and embraced the education of its young people. Thus, it is clear that a country’s commitment to its young people has direct ramifications on its future.

Secondly, people who grow up with the gift of a proper education can do more to help the needy in their country. For instance, Germany is a state that produces large numbers of highly capable medical practitioners, and this allows all German citizens to receive quality medical attention. Were Germany as a nation to cease investment in young people seeking a medical education, this service to the public could not be provided as effectively. Because of this, its clear that positive results come to nations that invest in their youth.

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After analyzing how a country’s focus on its young people can lead to economical strength and domestic social benefits, the link between investment in youth and a nation’s future can clearly be seen. It is hoped the committing of national resources to youths is a practice employed around the world.

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