A time when you didn’t share the truth with your best friend

A time when you didn’t share the truth with your best friend

  • What was it about
  • Why you didn’t reveal it
  • How he/she felt about it

And explain what his /her reaction to this was.

Answer of the Cue Card A time when you didn’t share the truth with your best friend

Any time when I haven’t shared any of my secrets with my best friend, but yes, I still remember and it stands when I did not tell her about it. So it happened in my second year of college. We both were in the same class. You’re attending the lecture and after the lecture. Back to the hostel and I had some work. So I went back to college. I had to go to libraries and after Library I make with my dish Electronics lecturer. So I asked him like also has been the result of our Digital Electronics examination and he was very happy. It will be that I have stopped examination by scoring the highest marks. Unfortunately. You also mention That my best friend Sharon could not clear the examination.

I came back from the college to hosting you were sitting together. And then she suddenly asked me about how was your exam? I told her it was okay and then she will ask Mike. How are you expecting the results, but unfortunately, I don’t have to reveal and tell her that I am already aware of it? So I told her it went. Well, I am not sure how the results going to be, and then she was sad about it.

Our exam went to the video and then the next day when we went there we when we went to the next lecture and our professor. He was Distributing the results like you were selling as a result and I were Distributing the paper the answer sheets and she was too surprised to break to my surprise. She was actually happier. She did not like iron. I believe that she will not support good and but then she didn’t let that down her or my morale down she instead.

Help me make instant who just called me and then told me it’s okay. If I come out yet examination in my first step. I’m happier. Actually, I’m happiest because my best friend talks with most of the examinations, and we’re going to help me with the next attempt to talk to the examination.

So This is the End of the cue card ( A time when you didn’t share the truth with your best friend )

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