As Major Cities Around the World Are Growing, so Are Their Problems

As major cities around the world are growing, so are their problems. What are these problems for young people living in cities? What are possible solutions to these problems?

Megacities around the globe in the 21st century are developing exponentially, and many youngsters are moving to cities to fulfil their dreams. Along with the growth, many issues are also increasing, which young people must face while staying in the cities. In the upcoming paragraphs, I will discuss some problems along with some plausible solutions for them.

Major cities have a plethora of opportunities for everyone, and many adolescents are moving here for better education or job opportunities. Since numerous people are coming to the cities every day, the main issue they face is finding accommodation. Many individuals have to stay in an average place and share the place with many people even after paying a considerable amount. To cite an example, Mumbai is a city in India where people come with desires, but many do not have money. Since, initially, it is also challenging to find a job, in such cases, they ought to spend their nights roadside or at railway stations. One plausible solution to this is that one should not move to the cities until they have a confirmed job offer and some money for basic needs. Additionally, people who have jobs can try to find accommodation in the outskirts so that they do not have to share with many people and they have some privacy.

Furthermore, another big issue that young individuals face is increased expenses. As they stay away from their family, they have to pay for everything from accommodation to food to laundry and many more. Since nothing can match home-cooked food and outside food is more oily and spicy, which is not suitable for everyone, many suffer from health issues because of this. To illustrate, many lose weight after moving to cities. Moreover, it is difficult to manage everything and find time for cooking and cleaning along with the job. To overcome this, youngsters can divide routine work with their roommates, such as one can cook, the other can wash dishes, and someone can do laundry.

One more issue which some individuals face is homesickness. Many individuals always who stay with family find it very hard to stay away from home both emotionally and responsibility-wise. In other words, back home, they do not have any responsibility except to do their own tasks, such as studying, and when they move to new cities, they find it impossible to stay on their own and manage everything. Sometimes, their mental breakdown occurs because of this, which is a severe issue. To deal with this, parents must teach their children to survive in every situation instead of always pampering them.

To conclude, with the development in the cities, problems faced by young ones also increase. Albeit issues are challenging to solve, every problem comes with a solution; hence, instead of focusing on the issues at hand, one should work on finding the best way to deal with them, isn’t it?

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