Because Many Children Are Not Able to Learn Foreign Languages

Because many children are not able to learn foreign languages, schools should not force them to learn foreign languages. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

The trend of learning foreign languages is currently increasing, and not every child can cope with this easily. Many children do not have the same learning capabilities. Therefore, they should not be coerced into learning foreign languages in school. This essay will argue why it is not necessary to force children to learn unfamiliar languages.

It is true that many children are stubborn, and if not forced, they will not show any form of interest and put their effort to study foreign languages. The parents of such children understand the importance of foreign languages and do not mind them being propelled to study them in school. These parents strongly believe that this forceful approach will make their children gain significant lifelong experiences, growth and knowledge that will reward them much later in their future endeavours.

Conversely, a lot of parents have been wary of the idea that children must learn foreign languages. They are justifiably worried that compelling children to learn other languages can be quite challenging. Parents are naturally protective of their wards and will go any length to ensure they are okay socially and academically. There are several advantages of learning other languages; for instance, it promotes the children’s growth and development and helps them interact with people in a multicultural environment, but forcing them is not an acceptable way to go about it, moderation is key, and their choices should be respected and considered at all times.

We are not new to the fact that children with special needs exist; they do not have the same learning capacity as other children, and forcing them to learn unfamiliar languages can pose massive obstacles for them because these new languages will require the children to push beyond the familiar into the unknown which can often be awkward and quite scary and not good for their mental and phycological health. They will end up losing motivation to study in general and may detest the thought of going to school every day.

In conclusion, this essay has argued that children understand and learn better in a neutral environment than when being forced. Although the importance of learning foreign languages cannot be overemphasized, children should not be forced to learn them.

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