Chicken Are Just One Examples of Animal

Chicken are just one examples of animal being kept in inadequate condition for the benefits of human beings.Write an essay for a university teacher or the following topic?

Sample Answer of Chicken Are Just One Examples of Animal


Animals have been used by human being in many different ways since time immemorial.Animals have always been suffering at the hand of humans.In my opinion,animals should not be tortured by the people but we can use them for various purposes without making them suffer.

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There is strong evidence to support the argument the animals are being tortured everyday for various purposes ;food,transport,work and research.Animals are being butchered in large numbers.So that man very enjoy.Animals are also loaded with more weight than they can carry for transport purposes and various other sorts of research projects are taken up by the scientist using animals in brutal ways. As man is constitutionally herbivorous,meat diet is not required for our body.So it is undesirable to kill animals for food.Even for research purposes,alternative method can be employed so that animals are not used so far as,the use of animals for transport and cultivation purposes is concerned,technology can easily replace this function of the animals.For example,tractors and other heavy machines are now used in agriculture for doing the jobs done by animals earlier.

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However,if we treat animal in a kind manner,the can be our best friend.We can use them for our benefit but at the same time show mercy to them. For example,we can take milk from the dairy animals making sure enough is left for their young ones.Even when they are used for carrying loads,they should by treated kindly.They should be fed with proper and nutritious diet so that they remain healthy.They should not be made to work beyond their capacity.


To conclude, we can say that animals are very important for every human as well as, everyone put some step to save and protect the animals for next generation, nor only to maintain the ecological balance but also for various benefits to man kind..

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