Children Are Facing More Pressures Nowadays from Academic, Social and Commercial Perspectives

Children Are Facing More pressure nowadays from Academic, Social, and Commercial Perspectives. What Are the Causes of These Pressures, and What Measures Should Be Taken to Reduce These Pressures?

Semple: Children Are Facing More Pressures Nowadays from Academic, Social, and Commercial Perspectives

In recent times, children have been pressured with education, socialization, and commercial perspectives. This essay first articulates the primary causes of this phenomenon and later sheds light on the solution in the impending paragraphs before coming to a viable conclusion.

To commence with, schools, Are pressure students by giving an enormous amount of syllabi and frequent examination systems. It creates overburden or schedules students, and they feel anxiety. Moreover, parents are also responsible for that because they compare their children with other students which

Develops aggressive behavior in children. In addition, children also feel stressed when they have to cope with their peers. Their peers force them to indulge in wrongdoing such as smoking, alcohol, drugs, etcetera. They usually indulge in bad habits. Lastly, some schools did not apply uniform standards for all the students. At that time, they compared their clothing with other students and felt inferior.

There are various solutions to overcome this situation. Firstly, the government should do campaigning in the media. In these campaigns, schools should be permitted to have a vast syllabus, and they should take limited examinations. On the other side, it is the responsibility of parents that they should not compare their child with other children, and they should allow them to take subjects according to their choice. Moreover, parents should spend time with their children and give moral lessons so they can be aware of wrongdoing. Furthermore, schools should implement a dress code for every student so that all children can feel the same status and have an equal lifestyle.

In conclusion, this essay would like to reiterate that although many problems are having the pressure of children. However, it could be easily tackled with the support of the government, parents, and schools.

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