Crimes and Other Kinds of Information on Tv and Newspapers

Crimes and Other kinds of information on Tv and Newspapers have bad consequences. This kind of information should be restricted to be shown in the media. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the statement? (1 July 2021 Evening)

Certain demographics of the society reckon that television companies and print-media houses should ignore criminal information because of its adverse effects; however, I slightly disagree with this notion which is explained in the below composition.

To begin with, it cannot be denied that anti-social news has increased drastically in the last decade. Many people condemn the idea to publish them because they spread negative energy amongst citizens of the community. On top of that, bad elements also get various ideas to commit inhuman activities by learning from the crime details. Besides this, such news damage the naive minds of children and students, which is dangerous for the future of any nation. In India, for instance, many students have become violent and intolerant by constantly reading and watching the news about criminal activities. Hence, supporters of this idea strongly recommend stopping printing as well as telecasting such disadvantageous news items.

I, on the other hand, do not completely agree due to multiple reasons. Firstly, any government must give all rights to the media houses to speak the reality behind every casualty. Though I strongly agree that details related to some of the news, such as rape, murder must be kept secret, details of terrorists or local thieves must be published everywhere. Secondly and most importantly, this information makes citizens aware of the different ways in which criminals could make the victim. In this way, parents can, indeed, guide their children about taking extra care. A prime example of this could be the Covid-19 pandemic, when the authorities did not hesitate to publish negative death toll numbers. They were definitely helping people with the new variant and its poisonousness. Thus, I slightly disagree with such a preposterous and immature idea.

To conclude, although there are certain disadvantages of publishing some inhuman activities, in my view, governments across the globe- should be sensitive about this. Perhaps, media houses and lawmakers can amicably decide and run the news items, making inhabitants aware of the situation and ground reality, hiding unnecessary details.

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