Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Describe a creative person whose work you admire

  • Who he/ she is
  • How do you know him/her
  • What creative things he/she has done
  • And explain why you think he or she is creative

Sample Answer of Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Creative things, whether it is painting, crafts, or art, make a man perfect. I have met so many people in my life who are more creative in making things very well. Here I am going to describe one of the people by whom I impress alot. During my college time, my mates and I participation in various activities. There were many activities like painting, dancing and a mehndi competition. My best friend and I took participated in all the activities simultaneously.

Because these activities were scheduled on alternative days, on the day of painting, I was not aware of anything, and I simply made the picture of Guru Gobind Singh Ji with some running hands. Fortunately, I got second prize, and the one who made the fantastic or fabulous creativity was my friend. His name was Jaspreet. He had a plethora of ideas about paintings and all. His creativity always allures people.

He always comes up with some innovative ideas, performances which impress alot of individuals. Sometimes the ideas which he always keeps forward are always hilarious, mysterious. So at that time, he had made 3d image of Guru Nanak dev Ji which really touched my heart. He got the first award for that model and also received some scholarships from the vice-chancellor, sir.

Today’s itself, he always thinks with a creative mind. He never sits idle because he thinks that an idle mind is a Devil’s workshop. He also made alot of outstanding things from discarded material. The reason why I really admire alot from him is that when everyone is busy in the hustle and bustle of life, and he is the only person who always remains calm and achieves things without any hurdle.

Follow ups-Describe a Creative Person Whose Work You Admire

Question 1. Do you think you are a creative person?

Answer – Well, I don’t make fantastic and fabulous creativity. Yes, I have made some creative pictures by own.

Question 2. Is it good for children to learn arts?

Answer –Yes, obviously, it is very necessary to learn art because things make children perfect. Apart from it, art and creativity teach different feelings to humans.

Question 3. What kind of jobs requires people to be creative?

Answer –Through certain jobs which makes people be creative. Like artistic and craftsman, paintings jobs become people creative.

Question 4. Do you think leaders need to have creative ability?

Answer –No, it’s not necessary. Everyone has different thinking and different perspective. So leaders only have much knowledge about politics. Creativity doesn’t matter.

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