Describe a Place You Like to Visit but You Don’t Want to Live There

Describe a place you like to visit, but you don’t want to live there

  • what place it is?
  • When do you visit that place?
  • How do you feel about it?
  • Why don’t you want to live there?

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Like to Visit but You Don’t Want to Live There

Around the world, we desire to visit abundant places, but we don’t adore living there for a lifetime or for a particular period.

Today I would like to talk about the place that I like and one of my dreams to visit there again, but I don’t like to live there; visit the capital of India, Delhi is my favourite place.

Three years ago, I visited there first time with my cousin; my cousin lives there and has a white colour job. After completing my 12 standard exams, I was required to give the J2EE exam and chose Delhi as the exam centre.

I was very excited, and I was astonished by the spectacular view. Authorities also provide a transportation system free of charge for students.

Delhi is one of the primary cities of India. Thus, traffic is one of the main concerns of city Moreover, more vehicle forge air pollution. When I was there early morning, I went to the road for running, high density of fog there, it is deleterious for citizen. People can’t be able to see 10 ft away. Thus, accidents rates are also high in this city. Furthermore, several people live a sedentary lifestyle.

This is a crowded city, and I don’t favour of high level of noise, it’s annoying me. I love to visit Delhi but as holidaymakers for at least 10 to 15 days.

 Follow-Ups of Describe a Place You Like to Visit but You Don’t Want to Live There

Question 1:- What type of apartment do most people in your country like to live in?

Answer:- In my country India, people live by their financial status; in urban areas majority of people live in an apartment which is affordable and most commonplace, while some people live they own houses, such as row-houses.

Question 2:- Do people in your country like to invite others as guests?

Answer:- Yes, Indian people love to invite guests as well as have dinner with them. One of our lunar slogans is guest is god. For instance, five day ago, my father invited his 4 college friends, and we took dinner at night and chit-chatted with them.

Question 3:- Do people take gifts when they visit each other?

Answer:- In my country, it is like traditional, whenever people visit someone or their home they take a gift with them. One of the famous gifts is money. While for offspring toys and chocolate.

Question 4:- What is the difference between the houses in the city centre and the suburbs?

Answer:- In the city centre, the most commonplace of living is an apartment there house rate is high, While those who wanna live in a big home and less crowded place they live suburbs, traffic congestion is also rare there.

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