Describe a Place You Visited on Your Vocation

Describe a place you visited on your vocation

  • · Where this place was,
  • · What you did there,
  • · Who you went therewith,
  • · Why do you like this place

Sample Answer of Describe a Place You Visited on Your Vocation

I love going on vacations, and my last vacation was before the pandemic to Dubai. This place is located on the coast of the Arabian sea and to the east of India. Dubai is situated in the United Arabs Emirates. Dubai is in the heart of its country, and it’s considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I went there to visit my sister, who lives there with her husband. I enjoyed it a lot, and it’s been the most favourite trip of my so far. I visited all the famous places of Dubai like the tallest building ‘Burj Khalifa’, the world aquarium which consists of thousands of different fishes which is the largest collection so far in the world.

It was a family trip. I went there along with my father, mother, and siblings. Moreover, my uncle and aunt joined us for the trip, so it became more memorable for all of us.

I love Dubai is the logo they use to attract tourism, but I must say I love Dubai. There are many reasons to fall in love with this place. I really like the way they display various messages on Burj Khalifa using the technology. Also, I love the shopping malls of the city as they have n number of brands and imported stuff.

Follow ups of Describe a Place You Visited on Your Vocation

Question 1. What are some popular attractions that people like to visit in your country?

Answer:- My country is very famous for its historic background. There are various monuments and art galleries for history lovers. Besides, there are many mesmerizing scenic beauties that one can witness—much more stuff to enjoy and play with the kids.

Question 2. Do old people and young people like to go to different places for vacation?

Answer:- Yes, I think that a person’s choice changes according to their age. As far as I know, young people prefer to visit places that are adventurous and have various options to enjoy. Whereas, old people usually visit places that are very calm and peaceful, which makes them feel relaxed.

Question 3. What do old people and young people think about when making travel plans?

Answer:- Old people are very conscious about every aspect before making a travel plan as they give priority to their convenience so that they don’t face any issues later. On the other hand, the young generation is so curious and excited when it comes to a travel plan. They just look forward to the enjoyment irrespective of any other aspects.

Question 4. How do people get to know about new places?

Answer:- Nowadays it’s very easy to find a new place according to our choice. The power of social media has increased a lot, using which we can easily locate any place no matter which country and city we belong to. Besides, we can also get the knowledge about the new places by interacting with friends and colleagues as they share their trip experience with fellow mates.

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