Describe a Short Journey That You Disliked

Describe a Short Journey That You Disliked

  • where you went
  • who you went with
  • what you did
  • and explain why you disliked this journey.  

Sample Answer of Describe a Short Journey That You Disliked

Thanks to give me Such an interesting cue card topic. There was a number of time when i had to do a short journey and got irritating. I would like to share with you briefly about it. I am living in a short village near to the Mumbai city. The resources and facilities are not so available in my village. so we have to go to the Mumbai city to accomplish our needs. Once My mother got serious fever and we went our village doctor for checkup. The doctor gave her a prescription and said to buy and take some medicines. He said that this medicine will be available in Mumbai.

So I had to go to Mumbai to buy this medicine. I took a local bus to the Mumbai. The bus service is limited in our village so the bus was fully crowded. Even i get some space to stand with so many difficulties. It was just a short distance but I faced numerous problems. it happened in summer time so the it was so difficult to stand and touch with persons full of sweat. I felt awkward feeling. The bus driver was stopping the bus everywhere even without a bus stand there.

he completed a journey of 20 minutes in 1 hour. Moreover no one was with me with whom I can spent the time. So I had to spent all the time silently standing at the corner of bus. I was feeling so awkward. Finally the bus has arrived Mumbai. I got out the bus fastly and took a long breath. That day I realised how much difficult to do journey in public transport of villages.

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