Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People You should say

  • What is it?
  • How did you learn it?
  • How can you teach others this skill?
  • And, How do you feel about this skill?

Well, I never sit idle in my free time. Hence, every now and then, I try to utilize my time in a productive manner, so here I would like to speak about a skill that I can teach to my friend who was about to fly overseas in the coming May. it is a french language that I learnt during the lockdown. I was very desperate to learn it, and I learnt from one of my teachers who had been teaching me when I was doing my bachelor’s degree.

The interesting thing is that I did the french course and thought it would be very conducive for my friend to find employment and to socialize overseas. I also thought that I could teach it to a group of people in my locality via the internet. Now, as everybody is aware of Covid 19, and there is a ban on gathering, So electronic gadgets remain the first choice for me to teach masses in order to learn bread and butter and overcome the fear of public speaking.

I feel ecstasy after learning the skill as it proved valuable for me in making both hands meet and also enhanced my personality. Now people really appreciate me, and I add a new feather in my cap by learning it. Now I don’t feel shy while speaking the french language with anyone. So this is a skill that I can teach to others.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Skill You Can Teach Other People

Question 1:- Should Teachers Be Funny When They Teach Students?

Yes, now and then, they should be fun as it will remove monotony in the class and learners will feel cooler and compose, and they will not hesitate to ask any question from the teachers.

Question 2:- What Qualities Should an Ideal Teacher Have?

An ideal teacher must be lovable and laborious and have a pleasing personality. On top of that, he or she should be a veteran in their subject.

Question 3:- Do You Think Are Most Important Academic Skills or Practical Skills?

Well, both have equal weightage. Due to changing scenario, practical skills are more valuable. There are many kinds of jobs that don’t necessarily need formal education, and just basic knowledge about reading, writing, and speaking is essential.¬†

Question 4:- What Is The Best Age For You To Start Learning Something?

I think childhood is the best period to learn anything as the mind is tension-free, and it has more capacity to store and retain information for a long time. But now people can learn a skill at any age without any hitch with the help of technology that has made the life of common person easy in grabbing the things.

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