Describe a Special School or College Event That You Remember

Describe a Special School or College Event That You Remember

  • what the event was
  • what happened during it
  • who was there
  • and explain why you remember this event so well. 

Sample Answer of Describe a Special School or College Event That You Remember

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. It was about a time when a big fresher welcome part was held in our college. It held after the admissions of new students. It was so big party so it held at the big ground of the college. I would like to share with this this interesting moment briefly. There was more than 300 students in this party. Everyone was enjoying the delicious food and meeting to the their seniors and juniors. There was so some singers and comedy performers invited in this party. All students were called to take their seats in order to welcome these celebrities. And then, all singers and comedy celebrities came at stage for whom the students started screaming with full of exciting and happiness.

Then all the singers preformed one by one. Then, it was the turn of comedy performers. There performs let students laughing loudly and they blanketed whole the atmosphere of the function with full humour. Their joker has started a pain in every student’s stomach as students were rolling out while laughing. Each comedy performer was so funny than each others. Not only students, even teachers couldn’t able to control laughing and some of them started crying with humour. Ut was the day when everyone forgot their problems and laughed fully after forgetting his all tensions. According to me, it was the most happier day for all of those who attended this party.

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