Describe a Thing You Did to Learn Another Language: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a thing you did to learn another language

  • What language did you learn?
  • What did you do?
  • How does it help you learn the language?
  • And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Thing You Did to Learn Another Language

Well, I am always interested in learning new languages because it enhances the person’s knowledge and helps earn bread and butter. Here, I am glad to talk to tell u about my method of learning the german language.

Actually, I am a movie and web series lover, and I love to watch different regional languages. Two years ago, one of my friends, Ranjana, suggested I watch la casa de Papel, it’s a german heist series. Well, at that time, I only understood English and Didn’t have much knowledge of German…firstly I saw two seasons of la casa de Papel web series in English instead, then I decided to learn the german language before watching season 3…So I start my basic german classes through online classes on youtube.
Well, in the initial days, it is very tough for me to get through the basics of the language, but Mr Kakkar helps to learn the basics within 30 days.

Within three months, I can understand 90% of german very well, so whenever I spare time, I like to use google assistant to practice german by asking questions to Google AI. So, my interest in regional web series makes me interested to learn german. I feel very happy after watching my favourite web series in original language instead of dubbing language.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Thing You Did to Learn Another Language: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- What difficulties do people face when learning a language?

Ans. Well, people face many difficulties while learning a language, like – translation issues and remembering the basic rules of language.

Question 2:- At what age should children start learning a foreign language?

Ans. Well, I think at the age of five children should start learning any language, because at this age it’s easier for them to learn than at adult age.

Question 3:- Which skill is more important, speaking or writing?

Ans. Well, both skills have equal importance. Speaking skills are important during communication with any other person, while writing is important when writing a letter to a company or friend.

Question 4:- Do you think language learning is important? Why?

Ans. I think learning a language is important to understand other people’s talk during any communication and enhance career options.

Question 5:- Which is better, to study alone or to study in a group? Why?

Ans. I think studying in a group is better than studying alone because we get to know more ideas and learn new skills while studying in a group.

Question 6:- What’s the best way to learn a language?

Ans. Well, the best way to learn a language is by doing lots of practice of language with native learners and through learning basics.

Question 7:- Does a person still need to learn another language if he is good at English?

Ans. I don’t think they need to learn more language, but if any person learns another language instead of English, it makes them more intelligent and enhances the chances of getting a higher pay job.

Question 8:- Do you think minority languages will disappear?

Ans. Yes, I think minority languages will m disappear within a decade because most people are interested in learning popular languages instead of minority languages.

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