Describe a Time When You Make a Decision that Took Time

Describe a Time When You Make a Decision That Took Time.

  • When Did It Happen?
  • What You Waited For?
  • Why did You Make the Decision?
  • And Explain how You Felt While Waiting.

The period I took time to make a decision would be when I was looking for you Job that was after I had passed my qualifying exams.

Soon, I wanted to stay in the eastern part of Nigeria, but I needed more time to assess the situation, such as checking the salary rate from the east and other zones and also the standard of living.

I made that decision because I wanted to be sure to make a good decision about my future.

I feel kind of frustrated because I never wanted to Explore my way, looking for any opportunity at some point.

I was also too dependent on my parents. I needed them to approve the area since they were the ones establishing me.

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Part 3 Questions: Describe a Time When You Make a Decision that Took Time

Question 1:- What do people in your country often do while waiting?

In my country, it is predominantly Christian; according to our faith, if you are waiting for anything, then you should pray and commit it to God.

Question 2:- Why do some people like a slow-paced life?

Why individuals may like a slow-paced life might be because of their religion. For example, some Muslims believe that Allah has an imprint on their life pattern and they should t be rushed.

Question 3:- Is being patient good for people? Why?

I believe patience is good because it helps one avoid making bad decisions and also allows one to exercise self-control over the circumstances.

Question 4:- Are people less patient now than people in the past? Why?

I believe people are less patient now because of the social media influence and more people are having bad influence from the entertainment section. Almost everybody wants to buy luxurious cars as a celebrity without the financial means.

Question 5:- On what occasions do people have to wait every day?

The event where people have to wait would be when you’re about to board the bus or the train.

Question 6:- Do you think people can’t wait to invent new technologies?

I don’t think so because there are technologies that have been invented, and people still use them to date and are able to utilize them.

Question 7:- Why do people hate waiting?

I have no idea, but a suggestion would be because they feel they have other options available to them.

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Question 8:- Are kids better at waiting than adults?

Actually, kids are better at waiting. I believe kids just act on their impulses, so it is paramount for adults to guide them in that area.

Question 9:- Can patience be taught to kids? How?

Yes, I believe patience can be instilled in kids by living an example lifestyle and then teaching them real-life scenarios that have occurred in one’s life.

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