Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement with Someone: IELTS Speaking

Describe a time you disagreed with someone

  • Who was the person?
  • Why did you disagree?
  • Was the issue resolved? If yes, how?
  • And explain what happened after the disagreement.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement with Someone

Taking decisions is very important, and people may agree or disagree with our decision. We must respect their opinion. I often agree with my parents’ and friends’ decisions, but sometimes my opinion is different, and I’m afraid I have to disagree with them on specific issues. If someone is uncomfortable with my idea, I try to understand their side.

If I feel I am wrong, I change my decision. Here I will talk about a time I disagreed with my parent’s decision to buy a house. I disagreed with my father. My parents are rapid in decision-making, and their choices are good.

My father never wastes time discussing with others. One day my father decided to sell our heritage house and buy a new one. And my mother also agreed with him. This decision was made quickly without giving a second thought and proper analysis.

Both my parents wanted to buy a new property, so they decided to sell our heritage house, which we inherited from our forefathers. I have a very emotional bond with my house; my childhood memories are attached to the house and the locality.

I can not think of leaving my friend’s house, And my Heritage House it’s more than extraordinary. So I suggested that my father renovate it with modern amenities. So they can feel the change in the house.

I also suggested some changes they can make and use the space properly. Yes, it was resolved after a brief discussion with my parents, and they understood my feelings. I disagreed because I had a strong bond with my grandfather, and he always told me stories about our house and area.

It was the same place he spent his childhood, so he took good care of it. He also assured me that I would never sell this house and permanently preserve it.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time You Had a Disagreement with Someone

Question 1:- If there is a disagreement, what do you do?

Answer – It depends upon the issue. If it is a minor issue, I don’t let it escalate and tell the person I disagree with and move on. However, I ask my parents and friends for advice if it’s something important.

Question 2:- How can we prevent disagreements from escalating into a fight?

Answer –I think we need to be calm and rational. I think the best way to de-escalate situations is to give them time. We always make wrong decisions when we don’t give issues time. I also try to involve a neutral person and ask them for advice.

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