Describe an Art Exhibition That You Visited

Describe an art exhibition that you visited. You should say

  • When did you see this exhibition?
  • Where the exhibition was held?
  • What was on display?
  • Explain your impression of the exhibition.

There are lots of exhibition held in my locality that I have visited but here I would like to talk about one exhibition that took palace last week. The exhibition was on a holiday. Several tours and travels companies took part in the exhibitions. The exhibition was held in a rotary club hall which is located near my house. Companies were showing their work like what they do what they are planning to do and what their customers think about them. Companies were doing different styles and strategies to attract customers.

Like some companies were giving a discount if someone books their holidays with them. Also, some companies were giving vouchers, some were giving free gifts and hampers. The exhibition was very well organized the hall is actually quite small nevertheless, they organised all the stalls and everything very neat.

Follow-Ups of Describe an Art Exhibition That You Visited

Question 1:- How could art exhibitions attract more visitors?

The exhibit could attract more visitors by creativities and gifts. People love gifts exhibition should announce about any competition or gift to attract more people.

Question 2:- Are art exhibitions popular in your country?

The art exhibition is popular but not among everyone people who follow art and like art they show interest in an art exhibition.

Question 3:- Do you think people should have to pay to visit art exhibitions?

I don’t think people should pay for art exhibitions. If an artist wants people to see their arts it should be available to anyone. 

Question 4:- How will art exhibitions change in the future?

An exhibition like art will be changed as an auction in the future according to me.

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