Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen

Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen: You should say:

  • What animal it was?
  • When and Where did you see it?
  • And explain how you feel about this animal.

Sample Answer of Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen

There are so many animals which we see in our day-to-day life. Today I want to talk about one particular animal we see only on rare occasions and once in a blue moon.

That animal is so is one of the most ferocious animals I have ever seen in my life. So during my graduation days, I visited the Crocodile park in Chennai. It inhabits more than 300 crocodiles. It has various all over the world.

I visited this Park when my cousins came over to have sightseeing in Chennai. At first, I found that it is hazardous. It is also rustic compared to other animals and other reptiles as well. However, there was one activity where we could hold and feed the baby crocodile.

At first, I found it anxious, and I was nervous about the holder crocodile. However, when all my family members and cousins volunteered to participate, I participated. It was challenging. I was scared to do that because I have a phobia towards correct tiles, but it was a fantastic experience.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Interesting Animal You Have Seen

Question 1:- What kind of animals do people have in their homes?

Answer – People prefer to have various domesticated animals in their households and animals that people have been subject to for many generations, which are dark and friendly animals. Pune, the friendliest animal to ever be domesticated recently, are. Many people dance tested recently. People are enthusiastic about having cats and Goldfish as their pets as well.

Question 2:- A lot of animals are getting extinct these days. What do you think about this? Why is it happening?

Answer – So many animals are extinct, and most of the animals currently living are on the verge of endangered becoming endangered. I feel that it is because of the Rapid increase in human population and the pollution caused by vehicles and industries by the animals that sustain these kinds of environmental changes, and eventually, they are dying.

Question 3:- Earlier people used animals for their work. Now, what do people use to do their work?

Answer – A recent times people used to utilize animals’ access bones, cows, for agricultural purposes but nowadays, with the Rapid invention of Machines and pieces of equipment and farming, this has led to the decline of animals ink used to work in the field. I would say this is a better change because we are not supposed to Ham any living things, which has led to fast improvements in agriculture since there are Machines.

Question 4:- Research is being conducted on animals, is this a good idea?

Answer – Nowadays, researchers make all their inventions and experiments on animals. However, I would consider it wrong to act to conduct experiments on living things because if any if else if there is any failure, then it leaves the animal pradhan performing experiments on animals. It is better to find human beings who already have health issues and conduct and are willing to volunteer rather than such an innocent creature.

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