Describe an interesting song you like Ielts cue cards topic

Describe an Interesting Song You Like Ielts Cue Cards Topic

  • what it is
  • which country the song comes from
  • what story the song tells
  • and explain why you think it is interesting. 

Sample Answer Describe an interesting song you like Ielts cue cards topic

Thanks to give me rich an interesting cue card topic. I love mostly to listen to Bollywood songs. There is a number of songs in my favourite playlist. But whenever I am in a stressful situation, I listen to only one song which is my favourite of all. This song’s name is “Love you Zindagi” it is a song of ‘Dear Zindagi movie in which the actor is Shah Rukh Khan and actress is Alia Bhatt. This movie is also my favourite song because it has been made on real relation problems of life and represents how can we make our life so beautiful. The lyrics of this song represent it too. Whenever I listen to it, I get rid out of stress and anger. I don’t have an idea who sings this song? What the singer has sung it in an amazing way.

I mostly listen to it at night time because it gives me spiritual peace and romantic touch to my life. It gives me the motivation to live life to its fullest. After listening to this song, I change myself a lot and now I have started enjoying life. Before this movie and song, I was living a life full of tensions, useless responsibilities, sadness. But now, I live my life so happier. No matter which type of situation comes, I handle it with ease because it gives me the motivation to handle the tougher situations in a simple way. According to my, everyone needs to listen to this song as they will definitely get a new hope to live a life in a meaningful way.i

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