Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

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Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

What Was the Clothing?
Who Gave It to You?
When Do You Get It?
And Explain Why This Person Gave You the Clothing.

Out of several gifts I have received in the form of clothes, one I will never forget was traditional black clothing with a red and white marking design of an African map in front, which reminds me of my culture.

This was handed to me by Sylvie, a colleague at the surgical department of St Elizabeth General Hospital Shi Song, in 2019 during the end-of-year invisible friend game exposure.

This lady convinced me to help her choose a friend. She removed her name, and I insisted that she should tell me the person so I could better know what to propose.

Still, she instead told me of Prosper, my male colleague, as well. Fortunately, we once discussed this particular design, so I asked her to afford that for him, not knowing it was for me until this special day, the 20th of December 2019, when I was heavily surprised by the present.

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Part 3 Questions: Describe an Item of Clothing that Someone Gave You

Question 1:- What kinds of clothes do people wear after work?

Many employees have dresses they wear to work, and individuals put on what they like for that day, depending on the nature of their work.

Question 2:- What kind of clothes should people wear at work?

Currently, companies prefer uniqueness at the job site, and this has led to the manufacturing of uniforms for their workers.

Question 3:- Where do People buy clothes in your Country?

The majority purchased dresses to fit the trending fashion at the time.

Question 4:- Do you think students need to wear school uniforms?

I believe school uniforms are essential because it reduces the mixed feelings among students as some students may put on expensive dresses to school and this will turn to make students from poor homes feel bad or go the extra mile to be in the same class.

Question 5:- Do you think the Internet influences the fashion industry today? Why?

The industry is boosted by the Internet, as designers go to the net for new designs and to check which design is ringing at the moment. Some customers will pass their orders based on what they find in cyberspace.

Question 6:- Who must wear trendy clothes, youth or older people? Why?

The youth go in for recent plans because they want to fit into society, while the old believe their time has long gone.

Question 7:- What are the benefits of the fashion industry to a country?

The industry preserves the culture if the nation, like some tribes in a nation, has the particular tyre that it is known for. If this industry is not in existence, the culture will die in the future as there will be a time when no one knows of it.

Question 8:- Why do people wear different styles of clothing?

Individuals have their choices, and they go with what they like. However, some tyres are meant for a particular people, such as royalty, and their particular beats and dresses tell one this is royalty.

Question 9:- Why do some companies have uniforms for their employees?

Uniqueness in the enterprise is imperative because it makes everyone look the same before customers and also reduces the tendency of jealousy among workers, especially women.

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Question 10:- Who do you think purchases designer clothes usually?

The majority are afforded by the inhabitants of the community as they try to enquire about the taste of their population and try to make products that suit their tastes, which makes them buy.

Question 11:- Does it depend on the age of people? Why?

Age does not matter as the inhabitants if the environment may like a design and they make it for the family like nowadays we see an entire family with the same outfit from grandparent till grandchildren.

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