Describe an occasion when you get lost

Describe an occasion when you get lost

You should say:

where was it?

what happened?

how you left how you found your way-

Mullarkey Chirappe is a famous carnival in Alappuzha, Kerala. It usually happens for seven days and on those days half of the people from Alappuzha will be there. So, this could possibly be one of the most crowded fiestas you can ever witness in Kerala. If I remember rightly, in 2008, when I was twelve years old we went there on the fourth day of the carnival. I was so happy because that was perhaps the first time I was going to see the carnival lively which I have been hearing about since my childhood. The excitement was so in me that at some point I forget about the crowd and my family. I was in my own world. I was feeling like I am in a colorful world where everything glitters. The bangles, bags, toys, Mehendi, music from temples, dresses in discount everything marvels me there. But all of a sudden a huge vehicle came on our way and unfortunately I got split up from my family. They were standing exactly opposite to me on the other side of the road yet the crowd hid them from me. I started to cry. Anyway, one of the shopkeepers lends his mobile phone. I called my mother. Thanks to God that I already memorized my parent’s phone number. I again meet them. They too were very scared. My father hugs and told me that I am safe now. After that whenever I will go to the crowd this bittersweet memory comes to my mind. The story of how I evolved from a lost kid to a safe kid.

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