Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job

Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job

I belong to a joint family that consists of five members my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, and my self. 

Even though by the grace of God, my whole family is very much educated and knowledgable and they all are working for the education sector. 

Even though my father mentioned me my grandfather has got a keen interest from his high school. Though after his bachelors, he starts working for Chandigarh University as a professor of English.

Hence, he spends his precious 30 years over there with great honesty and enthusiasm. He donates a huge amount of education to the students. Over there Because he is a well of knowledge.

Certainly, after his retirement, he decided to open an institute of education known as Albert school of language. 

Apparently, the school of my grandfather is one of the reputation school in the whole hometown. 

Initially, he also indulges my grandmother as an administration manager and my mother as a mathematics teacher. 

lovingly the strength of the school is around one thousand students and he has got around 20 staff members working.

Basically, the whole campus of the school is fully equipped with facilities more likely air condition heating smart classes and transportation system as well.

Eventually, my grandfather is a very talented person and he usually teaches various subjects over there more likely English Science and sometimes physics over there. 

Gratefully whenever I clinch the opportunity in a day, I love to go to my grandfather’s school to have knowledge from him. And  I really like the job he is doing for the society. 

Gratefully because of this fabulous job of my grandfather he has got a great reputation in the society and my whole family and his friends are also proud of him v because of his valuable job. 

I really admire my grandfather very much. In the future, I want to do the job like him.

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Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job Describe one of my Grandparent’s Job

Describe one of my Grandparent's Job whole family


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