Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

Describe someone you know who is a good cook. You should say:

who this person is
how you know them
what kinds of food they cook

Sample Answer of Describe Someone You Know Who Is a Good Cook

In the contemporary world, people had an enormous chance to learn a diversity of culinary skills. They can learn these skills both directly or indirectly. Today I would like to talk about one such cook, and his name is Mr Garry Mehigan. By birth, he is Australian. He is a professional chef and working at a seven-star hotel in Australia. Apart from this, he is a public figure and celebrity. I was fond of diverse culinary shows on television, and I am a regular viewer of Master chef Australia. It was telecasted on the star channel. As a regular viewer, I was impressed with his talents, particularly his cooking skills, utility using styles, and presentation skills. Moreover, he was on the judging panel with the other two judges. It was a seasonal program, and he stole the show with his presence. As an Australian, he cooks aesthetic seafood dishes, traditional, continental, European, and Asian dishes. He treats as a lobster specialist in Europe. Once I got an opportunity to meet him in Dubai. It was an unexpected occasion, and I took a snap with him at the airport. I like his personality, and still, I believe he is one of the best in the world.

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Question.1 What are the prospects of building a career as a cook in your country?

Answer – Compare In the olden days, there are enormous chances to build a career as a cook. At that, there were no facilities available. Online classes, direct classes, and specialized professional coaching are available today worldwide.

Question.2 What special dishes do you want to taste? Why?

Answer – I want to taste the diversity of Mexican food. Because I heard it was delicious and extraordinary. Most of their dishes include vegetables, meat, and cheese. Apart from this, chilly is their iconic symbol.

Question.3 What traditional food you would like your foreign friends to try?

Answer – For my foreign friend, I suggest Indian Biriyanies and south Indian Dosas. It isn’t easy to get these items for them. As everyone knows, foreigners are the ones not interested in including spicy substances in their food. Because they are not familiar with that, however, some of my friends show interest in my mom’s magical dishes.

Question.4. How often do Indian people cook at home?

Answer – Most Indian people always like to cook food in their homes. They touch their food daily thrice for that they prepare food twice a day. That is morning and evening.

Question.5 There are more restaurants nowadays. Do you think people eat out more?

Answer – After the foreign invasion of Indian culture, a percentage of people opt to eat food from restaurants. For this, different types of restaurants are easily available in every corner. Veg and Non-Veg hotels. Apart from this, they provide certain kinds of facilities like food delivery, promo code discounts, etc., which may attract the public to the restaurants.

Question.6 Do schools have cooking classes in your country?

Answer – I do not think so. Maybe their curriculum includes different kinds of dishes. But live preparation, not at all familiar for the children.

Question.7 Do you think we should teach children how to cook?

Answer – Of course, In my opinion, it is an advantage to them. After all, these skills may help them to prepare food for the absence of their parents. Moreover, one-third of pupil promotes foreign countries for their higher education. Once they learn these cooking skills from their home, it may be easy to recapitulate our traditional dishes there.

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