Describe something special that you brought home from a tourist place.

Describe something special that you brought home from a tourist place.

You should say:

What was it?

When did you buy it?

– From where did you buy it?

– What was it like?

– Why do you think it was special?

sample answer 1:

Well, I love to visit different places in my free time with my kith and kins. Here I would like to talk about a thing which I bought from a tourist place. It is my traditional kurta. Last year, I visited Jaipur, which in the Rajasthan state. It has many tourist attractions. So my cousins and I decided to go there.

I went there in our car, and on the second day, we went to the renowned market of Jaipur for buying needed things. And there I saw one traditional style kurta with golden embroidery on the neck area of it. It was in blue. When I first saw it looks eye-catching. Then I decided to buy it.

When I asked for the price of it, then the shopkeeper said that it was about 5000rupess. It seemed a lot for me. But I bought it in only 2000 rupees because of my cousin. He has good bargaining skills. So we saved a lot of money. Last Diwali, I wore it for the first time, and it catches the attraction of all people. It suits me perfectly fine.

At that time I was looking handsome in it. I got many compliments from my aunt for it, and my confidence was at the top of the sky. Now, it is my favorite cloth. I will call it many formal occasions and festivals.

sample answer 2:

Well, it is ubiquitous in India to purchase something from a tourist place to save it as a sweet memory of their life. I also love to buy from tourist spots. So, here I would like to talk about a time when I purchased a wall clock and other things from a historical place. Then, I brought it to my home. I will explain it briefly.

About a year ago, I went to Delhi to see a historical place named Red Fort. I had been there many times, but on that day, there was an exhibition. In this exhibition, many people came there to sell their handicrafts. They belonged from different states of India who were representing their traditional handicrafts.

I felt highly pleased after watching it. At the same time, I purchased a wall clock from there for 300 rupees. I have it in my home. I hung it on the wall of my room. It is a beautiful Masterpiece which is made of wood. Its outer part is red-colored, but its inner part attracts me most because the numbers in it are blue in color as well as it is white-colored from inside.

Besides, it looks very stunning in the dark because when there is no light in my room, it’s number starts shining. So, it helps me to watch the correct time in the night.

Apart from it, from that exhibition, I also bought some key rings which had also been made of wood. Their shape was cut according to the alphabet of the English language. It mesmerized me the most. So, I selected some critical rings as per the names of my friends. I purchased it at a reasonable price. Then, I gave it to my friends. They felt so happy.

After seeing a smile on their faces, I also thought myself on Cloud Nine. Overall, these were things that I purchased from a tourist place for myself as well as for my near and dear ones. I believe such goods help us to recall the precious memories of our life.

This is the end of speaking(Describe something special that you brought home from a tourist place.)

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