Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

Describe the advice you received on your subjects or work

  • Who advised you?
  • What advice did he give?
  • Are you happy with the advice?

Sample Answer of Describe the Advice You Received on Your Subjects or Work

I will like to talk about a piece of advice I received from my tutor while I was still in nursing school. She advised me that as I am graduating from nursing to start practising as a registered nurse in the hospital setting that they are some rule keys that will keep me going in the profession. Firstly, never administer drugs that were not prepared by you. Secondly, always read the drug’s label before administration. Thirdly, when you are appreciated or accredited by a patient. As a result of your effort in their care, see it as a privilege, celebrate yourself and develop means that will your distinct care. Lastly, never argue because of money and always see nursing jobs as a privilege of meeting people’s needs. This advice is what I call “my secret of continuous smile in nursing field”. It kept me going and happy in my profession because I have never been had guilty of any of these, despite the fact that I’m new in the profession.

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