Describe the Stage/Part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most

Describe the Stage/part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most

  • what part is it?
  • Where were you then?
  • What memorable things you did?
  • And explain why this is the most enjoyable part/stage in your life.

Sample Answer of Describe the Stage/part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most

Well, the childhood stage is an enjoyable stage in everyone’s life. People really enjoyed their childhood due to many memorable incidents which are attached to it. Here I would like to speak about my childhood stage, which really was a golden period in my life. I had been living with my parents in a rustic area, which was full of greenery. I was involved in make-believe play with one of my bosom friends and by playing with a dollhouse, and this make-believe made me learn various skills like cleaning, taking care of the house as well as cooking.

My mother used to tell me that I used to help her in her domestic work after playing. Although I was not pressured to do household chores; but, I was responsible, and I did valuable help to my mother in her work. So I really enjoyed while playing this game. Therefore, I think that this was a golden period because I had no worries in my childhood and was free from academic pressure. I believe in eating, drink and be merry. So childhood stage was a golden period in my life; but, it doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy my present stage. I do enjoy it, but now I have more responsibilities compare to my childhood stage.

Follow-ups Describe the Stage/part of Your Life That You Enjoyed the Most.

Question 1 What do you think is the best age in a person’s life?

Answer – Well, people may have a different opinion regarding choosing the best stage in their life; but, I think childhood is the best part of their life as they are free from any worries as well as they play more and spend their childhood in ignorance.

Question 2 What is the attitude to older people in your country?

Answer – Older people are respected more. Their opinion is given high value because they are piller for a nation, society and family too. So they are respected by all the communities.

Question 3 Which is the best stage of life in your opinion?

Answer – I think every stage is very important; but, childhood is the best part of my life as children are ignorant. That’s why they take less tension. Now we are more knowledgeable that is the main cause of our sufferings. So I think childhood is the best stage in my life.

Question 4 Is there a stage of life that is more difficult or easier than others?

Answer – I think adolescence is the age at which people can see the easier but is very crucial because, at this stage, there are more chances of deviating from the right path as well as building a career. Most teenagers remain in their own world, and they care for society people less.

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