Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/college/house

Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/college/house

  • Why Did You Change Your School/college?
  • When Was It?
  • Was that Helpful?
  • What Were the Consequences After That?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/college/house

Change of environment can be a burden at times as it has an impact on the psychological well-being of an individual. The psychological effect of it happened to me when I changed my college because of the frequent strike that usually happened in my previous college.

I changed school from a government-owned institution to a private institution when I was in the 200 level because the school was closed for six months. After all, the government refused to pay the salary of workers.

I had to seek admission into another school during the third month of the strike when I couldn’t endure staying at home idle and was admitted the fourth month. When I got to the new school, I failed to adapt to time because it is a private institution, so the code of conduct and way of life was different from where I came from.

At first, I always went against the rules and regulations and almost got suspended. However, I was severely punished for this, so these punishments greatly affected my mental health, but as time passed, I adapted well and graduated as one of the best students.

Despite the psychological effect, transferring to the school was so helpful because I already have my degree while all of my mates in the public institution are still dealing with strikes now and then, without knowing when they will graduate. Although, sometimes, I have some unnecessary fears because of my punishment.

Part 3 Follow Up Questions Describe Your Experience when You Changed Your School/college/house

Question 1:- Are children better at solving problems than adults?

Answer – Adults are better at solving problems than children not only because of their critical thinking ability but their past experiences also make them better at solving problems.

Question 2:- If people move frequently, is it better to stay in one house all the time?

Answer – If possible, staying in one house is better because someone will not have to deal with the burden of adaptation every time.

Question 3:- What are the pros and cons of living in a high-rise building?

Answer – Pros of living in high -a rise include; increased social interaction and accessibility to necessary facilities that make living comfortable, like constant water supply, while disadvantages include; the stress of climbing stairs whenever an accident, like a fire outbreak escape, is not all easy for occupants.

Question 4:- What are the pros and cons of living in an old and new neighbourhood?

Answer – Advantages of the old neighbourhood are; familiarity with the environment and close contact with known neighbours, while disadvantages include; non-exposure to what is happening in other areas and limited chance of meeting new people. Pros of a new neighbourhood include; meeting new people and exposure to new things and life, while cons include; the burden of adaptation stress of moving properties from one place to another.

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