Describe Your Ideas About Love Cue Card

Describe your ideas about love 

Sample 1

The definition of love varies from person to person. According to my perspective, love is all about care, understanding others instead of arguing, to appreciate others for their dreams. Love is that which have to be done without any greed and without any expectation. When we have a love for someone, then we expect others that hurt later. Moreover, love can happen with anyone like family members, friends and so on. While there are some disadvantages, the advantages are far higher. The beauty of love is that every work is possible because it makes people stronger. In numerous countries, people celebrate love days such as valentine day. On this occasion, people give gifts to their closer ones whom they love. The disadvantage of love is that sometimes people trust anyone. When someone breaks their trust, then they become mentally ill. In last, I would like to say that loving yourself is the first priority of everyone because we can love others when we have to love ourselves.

Sample 2

Love is a personal feeling and attachment towards someone or something that we truly feel with our hearts. However, it’s difficult to explain it in words until one has this feeling. There are many ways to express your love towards someone. Firstly, gifting their precious gift and making them feel special. Another way is to take care of them by reminding them of all the important aspects of their life. Lastly, it’s a very common way and it’s to tie the knot with the person you love. In love, many times people cross all the limits and behave so stupidly.

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