Discuss When, if Ever Capital Punishment Can Be Viewed as A Valid Punishment for A Crime

Discuss when, if ever capital punishment can be viewed as a valid punishment for a crime. Give reasons for your answer and use specific examples to support your answer.

In a prevailing concern of the world. A sea change has been witnessed that crime rates follow an upward trend as compared to past. Sometimes capital punishment is considered ideal for any hard offence. There are myriad reasons there to support these kinds of hard punishment. The following paragraphs will discuss the possible reasons behind it and give some solutions to mitigate such a hard crime.

In the offences such as the murder of more than one person or the rape of a child, giving death bylaws are being implemented in various countries. There are a number of reasons to support this kind of hard punishment.

First and foremost, If any criminal attempts any crime, again and again, he will never be a good citizen. As a result, he is directly harmful to every nearby individual. In addition, capital punishment creates some fear amongst the prisoners, so, released from jail, they avoid doing such a hard crime as they know how the government gives them death. To exemplify, there was a person with an offence of mass murder named Martian Pargra, and the court gave him a chance himself; instead of being a good person, he killed a hundred children.

On the other hand, some people think that capital punishment should be avoided; the culprits have a right to get another chance to be good citizens once it is given to them, then they will lose their life and never get a chance to change their criminal status.

In conclusion, with regard to what I think, I believe that the death penalty must be implemented. It is because heinous crimes are very rampant these days, but we need to examine deliberately intensely who the real crime-committer is.

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