Educating Young People Is Naturally Important: Writing Task 2

Educating young people is naturally important. However, some think governments ought to invest in more education for adults in need. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Education plays a significant role in life, and everyone should have the right to educate themselves. There is no age limit for learning. You can still learn new stuff after retiring.

I would like to agree with the topic here. I feel there are enough places for young people to learn, and now in a world of technology, even adults too need the education to compete in the modern world. The government should invest in it.

Education was not given importance in the past, and many have suffered this loss. Be it day-to-day life or work, and young people are replacing adults as they have more knowledge of technology. From small things like mobile to huge software, everything now needs basic knowledge which one is taught in primary classes. Even after having so much experience in the field, just because one is not tech-savvy, he or she can be easily replaced with a young mind.

BY building institutions for adults, the government gives a chance to those adults who do not have the means to get a better education. I completely support this idea of having institutions for adults to learn and grow in their place of interest.

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