Explain Some of The Ways in Which Humans Are Damaging the Environment

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Explain Some of The Ways in Which Humans Are Damaging the Environment

Explain some of the ways in which humans are damaging the environment. What can governments do to address these problems? What can individual people do?

Environmental damage is a major cause of concern nowadays. Humans are responsible for this change in the environment in many ways. If we do not focus on protecting the environment now, our future will definitely be in the dark. To bring this change, we have to work together at the Government level as well as at the individual level. In the following essay, I will discuss how We are responsible for damage and what can be the solutions Government and we can apply to save our precious environment.

To begin with, Plastic is the major source which is leading to damage. It is causing not only soil pollution, but it is also responsible for air and water pollution. The main problem is that many forms of Plastic are neither recyclable nor degradable. People just dump Plastic on the soil, and because they are non-degradable, they stay there for years and make the land infertile. Also, researchers have found microplastics in water and air as well. To prevent these government should ban Plastic which is not recyclable. And we as individuals can switch to cloth bags and paper cups instead of plastic bags and cups.

Our water sources are also polluted by industrial waste, which big industries drain into fresh rivers. People are also responsible for damaging water as they go on vacation on beaches and throw rubbish here and there. Data collected last year showed that our aquatic animals are in danger because of Plastic in water. To deal with this government can develop water-cleaning plants, and water from industries should only be dropped in there. However, this will increase the burden on the government at the financial level, but the government can deal with this by increasing taxes on Business industries. The government should also fine people who spread litter on the coast. As individuals, we can participate in cleaning projects that the government and many NGOs run. For example, last year, our PM Modi started a campaign clean the beaches under which Mumbai’s Juhu beach was cleaned recently, and many people volunteered in that campaign.

To conclude, We are responsible for harming mother nature, and now it is our responsibility to bring change and protect our environment for the next generation. And it is possible to protect it if we come together at the government and personal level.

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