Foreign Visitors Should Pay More than Local Visitors for Cultural and Historical Attractions

Foreign Visitors Should Pay More than Local Visitors for Cultural and Historical Attractions. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree with This Opinion?

Sample Question for Foreign Visitors Should Pay More than Local Visitors for Cultural and Historical Attractions:

Undoubtedly, International tourism has become the backbone of many world economies, and because of this development, many countries are increasing day by day. Regarding this, some individuals deem that it would be better if foreign Travellers pay a higher amount to see cultural and historical monuments than natives of that country. It is a shortsighted view because visitors contribute to the host country’s economy in many other ways. Therefore, I’m afraid I have to disagree with this viewpoint.

To begin with, there are enormous causes behind my agreement that travellers should be charged less for viewing such cultural and traditional sites. The predominant one is common when we visit different locations to know about others cultures and traditions and visit such Historical sites of that country they spend a lot in that country for example for booking hotels travelling by one places to another place by using transportation of that nation, buying seniors and for purchasing a different kind of items which are related to those people and country. There for, it is enough to contribute to that nation.

Furthermore, if Travellers realised they would have to pay more to view such historical and cultural attractions, they would be dissatisfied and disappointed because of such a shortsighted view. The leading cause is that foreigners are broad-minded and love equality; however, if they know about this kind of inequality, they could forget the idea of visiting that place again and again. It would drive down the profit of that country. Despite this, they would enjoy another area consisting of beaches and mountains.. finally, as the result of this approach spreading one traditional values would cause loss out and no one will love to go there again.

After evaluating the different aspects of the notion, it can be stated that it would be counterproductive to make them pay more than residents because they already pay differently when foreign visitors visit those places.

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