Children Are Now Facing Educational, Social, and Commercial Pressures

Children Are Now Facing Educational, Social, and Commercial Pressures

What are the causes of these pressures?

What measures can be taken to reduce them?

Yes, I agree with this. When we talk about children, our mind automatically imagines innocence, no responsibility, playfulness, enthusiasm, happiness free from all types of tension. But at the same time, how can we forget we are in the 2021 / 21st century, the most progressive era so far. In this first, I will describe the reasons for the pressures children face nowadays and the measures to reduce those pressures.

In today’s world, their competition is not only with their classmates or schoolmates, but it has also gone up to national and international level. How can we forget the high expectation of their parents at the same time they want them to excel in everything whether its academics, sports, singing, dancing or any extracurricular activity, their school bags are much heavier than they can carry or compare they have much heavier loads than what their parents use to carry in their student life. Not only that, most of the time, I feel, and I have also heard, that today’s parents want their dream to be accomplished by their child.

Moreover, considering the standard of education and competitions, they also need to attend coaching centers apart from their schools. Thus, they are left with no time to relax or to engage in some enjoyable outdoor activities.

Stating further social and commercial pressure on today’s children, The situation worsens when they want to live as per the global culture even though their parents want them to be rooted in their traditions. Commercial pressure also significantly impacts today’s children, primarily when they cannot compete with their peers in terms of any expensive things such as mobile, clothing, lifestyle, and many more.

To conclude, we cannot deny that today’s children face more pressure from academic, social, and commercial perspectives. However, to avoid the same, parents should have realistic expectations from their children. Both parents and schools should learn how to bring out hidden talent from the kids. There is a hidden gem inside every kid, and if nurtured and taken carefully, I am sure they will succeed in their life, not by putting pressure.

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