Human Activities Have Negative Effects on Plant and Animal Species

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Human Activities Have Negative Effects on Plant and Animal Species

Human Activities Have Negative Effects on Plant and Animal Species. Some People Think It Is Too Late to Do Anything About This Problem. Others Believe that Effective Measures Can Be Taken to Improve This Situation. Discuss Both Views and Give Your Opinion

Human pursuits indeed affect flora and fauna. Although some individuals opine that it is too late to tackle this issue, I believe some methods can mitigate it. I will discuss both views in the upcoming paragraph.

Some reasons are there that why some people think that it is too late to save plants and animals. The predominant one is that various plant and animal species are disappearing nowadays. To be more precise, individuals are not only cutting trees for their basic needs but also for the commercial purpose of earning more money by selling wood. Hence, many kinds of species of plants are extinct. In addition to this, individuals pollute the environment in different ways, which even affect marine life. For example, when people use plastic bags and bottles. After using them, they through the plastic waste into the dustbin, which is transferred to the garbage. Due to the rainwater, the plastic waste flows in the rivers and sea with rainwater. Thus, when fish open their mouth to eat fish, the plastic water enters their body, which causes swelling, due to which they die. As a result, humans are also responsible for the extinction spaces of marine life.

As far as my viewpoint is concerned people, we can tackle this issue with different techniques. The first and foremost solution is that they should plant more and more trees. The government should organize programs in order to encourage citizens to plant more trees and take care of them. Apart from this, schools can also help to improve this situation by teaching students about the importance of plants and encouraging minors to take care of trees by watering them. Moreover, higher authorities must ban the usage of plastic in order to make a pollution-free environment. People should use paper bags or cloth bags rather than using plastic bags. The government should charge those companies and shops that produce or sell plastic things. Individuals should also follow the 3R method in order to restrict the consumption of plastic.

In conclusion, even though some people think that it is too late to save animals and plants from extinction, reducing the use of plastic and planting more trees may solve this problem.

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