In Many Cities, There Are Areas of Land that Are Used as Parks. with Increasing Population Levels

In many cities, there are areas of land that are used as parks. With increasing population levels, these areas would be better used to provide more housing. Do you agree or disagree?

Most towns have areas which are converted into public gardens. However, with the increasing population, some suggest that these areas should be converted into Apartments to provide accommodation. I disagree with this statement. In the following essay, I will discuss reasons for disagreement.

To begin with, the population is indeed increasing day by day. Also, people are moving to big cities for better education, career opportunities, and a housing crisis has occurred due to these changes. People either have to stay in Shared accommodation, which is not always convenient as it affects one’s privacy, or people stay in the outskirts of the cities, which is far away from their workplace. To overcome these, some individuals think that the area developed as a park in cities is no longer needed and should be used to provide a home to people.

However, I completely disagree with the solution mentioned earlier for the accommodation crisis, as this solution might look perfect as we think of the crisis. Still, it is never advisable to remove parks. Already cities are more crowded and have pollution issues because of more vehicles, factories etc. Parks have trees which help to keep the environment clean. Also, the park provides a place where children can play and elders can meet or do yoga and exercise. If we develop buildings in place of parks, no one would like to live in the city like that.

The housing crisis because of overpopulation is a real issue. Still, Government can try other solutions for this problem, such as developing outskirts areas and villages so that fewer people move to cities. Government can also improve public transport so that people can easily travel to their workplace from faraway places. Also, to control the population government can also run awareness camps for people.

To conclude, With the rising population, the Accommodation crisis is increasing daily. Although using parkland for building houses is not a good solution as they are environment friendly. Government should try some other ways to overcome this issue.

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